Malifaux: Dreamer Crew and Supports
Starting off 2017 with some more Malifaux. Painted up this Dreamer box plus a Widow Weaver and Insidious Madness. Wanted a monochrome grey for all the nightmares. I tried to go a bit lighter and it looked like bare plastic. For the level of highlighting I'm willing to put in, this will do. I will say it looks a bit better in person.

General Update - Marching Forward
Well ... the holidays are over, I'm back to work, and have a good idea of what I think will happen through 2017 for my wargames.  In fact, there are already several exciting things already in progress!

Perhaps the largest priority this year is **TO PLAY MORE GAMES!**  I have a large collection of miniatures covering several periods in history ... I need to get them out of their boxes more often.  This means (covering games not discussed in this post) playing ...

  • Dead Man's Hand (planning to bring this to DundraCon next month).
  • SAGA - yes, I have two 6 point warbands for this (Vikings and Irish).
  • French & Indian War - pondering trying a different set of rules ... but if all else fails keep using Musket's and Tomahawks (but look for ways to streamline it more).
  • Naval - this means doing games for Victory at Sea (WW2) and Galleys, Guns, and Glory!
  • Firestorm Armada - I have several fleets now and terrain.

So here is what is going on now ... and planned for the near future ...

American Civil War

This is going to focus on wrapping up the three Gettysburg scenarios I have wanted to do from the beginning:  Pickett's Charge, McPherson's Ridge, and Little Round Top.  I have high confidence on this project as we've just run our first game for Pickett's Charge and I just paid my "fur mat people" for the McPherson's Ridge mat which I'm expecting at some point in February.

I'll also be doing up a proper quick reference sheet
to use for our home grown rules as well as making
some minor changes to the morale system which is
currently based on Kings of War.

Little round top will be a little later.  The good news is that other than a couple of units, all the miniatures needed for all three scenarios are done.  So, specifically what am I doing for all this?

  • 2 x Confederate Infantry Units.
  • 1 x Confederate Artillery Battery.
  • 1 x Union Cavalry Unit.
  • 1 x Union Artillery Battery.
  • Union and Confederate carts, wagons, camps, and additional casualties.
  • McPherson's Ridge fur mat.
  • Little Round Top fur mat.
  • Seminary College building.
  • Several smaller ACW buildings.
  • White picket fences, split rail fencing over low stone walls, and standard rail fences.

Footsore USA is open!
Attention US Saga-mites!  Footsore Miniatures USA is open and taking orders.  Bill Thornhill oversees the Ohio location that manufactures & ships to US customers. If you haven't tried Footsore, give them a go. When you do, you'll discover top-shelf figures that are among the best in the market.

Footsore is just the ticket for the new warbands in the SAGA supplement Aetius & Arthur. They've got Goths, Early Saxons, Irish, Late Roman, Romano-British and Early Byzantines. Picts will be released as well and I'll  order them as soon as they go up. In the meantime, I'm painting a new Mutataww'ia warband using Footsore's Saracen figures. More on that to come...

I'm currently making a display board using Golden Gel Mediums Crackle paste. If all goes well, this will be the Spanish display board for the US Grand Melee.   Here's hoping it looks like a dried riverbed or salt flat when it's done.  So far, it is crackly!  

ACW Scenario - McPherson's Ridge
With the successful play test of the Pickett's Charge game under my belt I look to fill out the two additional scenarios that I wanted to do for the Battle of Gettysburg.  I'm busy finishing off the odds and ends for Pickett's Charge, which I will be running at DundraCon next month, but I did have time to put together my scenario for McPherson's Ridge.

McPherson's Ridge
July 1st, 1863

I've contacted the same couple that did such a great job on the teddy bear fur mat for the Pickett's Charge game to have them also make this mat.  My plan to is run both McPherson's Ridge and Pickett's Charge at KublaCon in May.

Anyways ... there isn't a hole lot of work necessary for me to finish the terrain and miniatures for this scenario.  Essentially I'm currently short a single Union cavalry unit and that is it.  For terrain I primarily need to base some apple/orange trees for the orchards and finish the Seminary College model (which is 1/2 painted at the moment).

Ok ... on to the scenario details.

Battle of Gettysburg - McPherson's Ridge
July 1st, 1863 at 0930hrs

Morcar Falls on the Hill
We played the first game of our 1066 mini campaign last night at the club. Morcar and Edwin formed their Shieldwall on a low hill in the marshes and confronted invading Vikings at Fulford Gate.   

Harold Hardrada and Tostig Godwinson deployed their warbands on the opposite side of Germany Beck.
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