Late Nov/Early Dec Painting Progress
Finished off the Krieg and a couple small random projects.

Wargames Illustrated Awards
Well heck - you guys really know how to make a girl blush!  Ha!  Apparently the results are in from the Wargames Illustrated Awards for 2017 (

I woke this morning to a FB message from the excellent Geoffrey Hummel who informed me that my most recent article on Building Better Senarios won an award for best Wargames Illustrated article of 2017!  I'm truly grateful to anyone who voted for the article!  Thank you!

A Few More Updates
Another few quick updates today as much continues to get done on several projects.  First up is the mat for my Napoleonic scenario for Aspern-Essling.  This table uses my standard 6 foot by 8 foot layout with a 4 foot by 4 foot section added to cover the river crossing (I have several sets from Perry for the pontoon bridges and engineers).

Once again David S. did an amazing job on the fur mats and I couldn't be more pleased.  Pictures below that I quickly snapped with my phone ...

Aspern-Essling mat.

Aspern-Essling mat.

Aspern-Essling mat.

Aspern-Essling mat.

Aspern-Essling mat.

One of the things I really need for this game is Austrian/German looking buildings.  So I ordered some and they've arrived.  I'll have to scratch build the Granary ... just another thing I have on my to do list.  Right now I'm looking to run this game at PacifiCon in September (play test well before that).  I still have a lot of work to do on my Austrians to get ready for this game (once I finish Waterloo prep for my French, which includes the extras needed to do Aspern-Essling).

Austrian/German buildings for Aspern-Essling.

This past weekend was a little busier than I expected, but I still managed to finish 3 more limbers and guns to add to my almost finished artillery expansion for my French Napoleonic army.

3 more limbers and guns for my Napoleonic French army.

And on a different note, my briefcase tabletop for my Blood Bowl Orc team arrived from Tannhauser Gate Studio.  He did a great job on the field and I've already contracted him to do a field for my Chaos Dwarves (lava themed).  I grabbed a couple of pictures from his Facebook page of the table folded into the briefcase mode and being unfolded.  I played a game against my son the other day and snapped a picture of the field right before I setup the game.  The scoreboard is magnetized and keeps track of points and rerolls, and has the scatter template on there as well.  Each end of the field tracks the current turn for the half being played.  Each dugout has neat little details.

New Orc field for Blood Bowl - just setting up for a
game with my son.

The field folds into a briefcase.

Unfolding the field.

More Picts
Once I start a SAGA warband, I like to paint up all options.  And Picts have lots to choose from!  Reinforcements from the painting table include:
  • 12 Footsore crossbowmen who'll run as levy. 
  • Fenris Games terrain including a Celtic cross for when I run the Picts as Scots, a Celtic-themed temple floor and rocks with Celtic swirls.  I love Fenris' stuff!  
  • Warlord Games Celtic chariot.  I bought this because the Picts can mount their warlord in a chariot and Footsore hasn't yet released their Pict chariot.  I loved the energy of the naked warrior so much I decided to make him a warlord. He looks like he's shouting orders to his troops or getting ready to launch himself into combat.  
  • Footsore war hounds.  These huge and wonderful dogs looked so cool I had to paint them up.  

General Update - November 27th, 2017
Hello everyone and a belated Happy Thanksgiving to my friends in the US.  You may have been wondering "what the hell happened to this guy?"  The answer is easy - I've been basing and painting Napoleonics (and doing the regular family/work stuff).

Good news ... lots of pictures and a few different things covered below ...

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