General Update & A Question
Hello everyone!  Figured I would post a general update since there are several "irons in the fire" so to say.  I also have a minor inquiry for anyone who is reading this post. In order to organize this post better, I've broken it into sections covering:

  1. Question:  To Facebook or not to Facebook?
  2. KublaCon Game Convention
  3. Little Round Top - Work In Progress
  4. Borodino - Work In Progress
  5. Bolt Action Vietnam

Question:  To Facebook or not to Facebook?

I will always maintain my blog but I did want to ask - for minor updates (a pic and quick caption) and to inform followers of posts --- should I create a Facebook page to go along with this blog?  Please leave a comment to cast your opinion/vote.
Salute 2017
It's always a big day and usually takes the whole of Sunday to recover. But we are done for another year.

So, some photos from the day...

Age of Sigmar: Kharadron Overlords
First wave of Kharadron Overlord models

Runewars: Core Set Part 2
Second half of the Runewars core set and a group shot

Salute Loot 2017!
I shall just leave this here... But for those of you concerned, rest assured I managed to successfully sneak this lot past the Commander in Chief!

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