Goths for the Grand Melee
We're closing in on my favorite gaming event of the year, Adepticon's SAGA Grand Melee. Friends, whiskey and 3 days and nights of SAGA. What's not to love? I got 11 games in last year and by Sunday, my brain was quite tired and happy. 

So, how did I end up switching to Goths at the last minute? After 3 months of playing and losing with my Early Saxons, I bailed on them. I just couldn't puzzle out the board. Winning isn't everything but losing all of your games is a letdown. I know because I used to run Gauls in Field of Glory tournaments.  Scrambling for an alternative, I decided my Saxons could pass for Goths. Bonus, I managed to win my first game with them! I rushed a warlord and 12 Footsore Goths through my painting queue. Once again, the Footsore sculpts are superb. I like these fellows so much I'll field all of them in Chicago. 

After the Grand Melee, our local Saga players will transition over to Saga v2. And I'll get started on painting a new Footsore Viking or Norman warband. Life is good!

Late Romans for Sale
I like to pay for my Adepticon Grand Melee weekend by culling the lead herd. This year, I'm selling my Footsore Late Romans. They're great for SAGA, Dux Britanniarum or your skirmish rules of choice. All bases magnetized and figures matt sealed. 
DundraCon 2018 and Waterloo
DundraCon 2018 has come and gone.  Friday was an easy day with us essentially making our way to the convention, playing some board games, playing in an LOTR miniatures game, then playing more board games.

Early Saturday morning I woke up, made my way down to the miniatures hall and started setting up Waterloo.  I knew it was going to be a full day of gaming. any Napoleonic rule set I had played or read before would require 2 days if not a week to play this size of a game.  That being said, I knew we could get through the entire battle in one day using Empires at War.

The game had 10 players and everyone powered through the entire game.  We kicked off at 10AM and - with a couple of breaks for food and such - we had a result by 10PM.  12 hours.  Add about 1/5 hours before for setup and about 1 hour for cleanup and that makes for a long day.  This is by far the largest wargame I've put on or played in.  More than 4,500 28mm figures and 12 hours of gaming.

You can see the table setup below ...

8 foot wide by 18 foot long.  A monster of a game!  I was shocked by how close to history this all played out.  The French darn near broke the allied center.  Hougoumont and La Haye Sainte changed hands several times.  The Imperial Guard has to be committed to try to break the allied center before the Prussians broke through at Papelotte.  All across the table it was intense action on both sides of the table.  Lots of pictures below ... while I took lots of pictures with my phone, John Lantz and Federico Casali also sent along pictures they took.

Early Saxons!
After painting Late Romans and Picts, I decided to paint another "Enemies of Rome" faction for my Saga stable.  Bonus, I can run both sides in a Dux Britanniarum campaign as well! 

I planned to take this warband to the Saga US Grand Melee at Adepticon in March.  Unfortunately, I've lost every game I've played with them. The Saxon battle board is composed of small, subtle plays and many of them are conditional.  Winning isn't everything but this has become a bit ridiculous! Looks like its back to the drawing board with 6 weeks to go. 

I used a mix of Westwind Productions and Footsore for this warband.  The Footsore figures are stellar as always and the Westwind figures as well.  I liked the variety of headswaps Westwind provided.   It does work well to bring a nice amount of variety to the bunch.  Westwind figures are a bit larger/chunkier than Footsore but still mix well.  Sharp-eyed historians will notice the rugby shirts.  My Saxons have a raid and trade relationship with their Frisian neighbors.  They love to look stylish, what can I say? 
Waterloo Project Update - Mats, Buildings and Basing!
Major basing operations in this project have been completed :-)  I've added 21 infantry units, 12 cavalry units, 5 artillery batteries, 12 commanders, 9 limber teams, ambulance, field forge, staff, 60 casualties, and other odds and ends since September.  All done!

The mats arrived yesterday from the most excellent David Skibicki.  I immediately ran out back and deployed them on my deck to get a picture.  Then I jammed the whole dang thing in my garage!  I put the buildings out to see how everything sized up.  All in all it came out perfect!  All I really have to do is modify the entrance road/area to Hougoumont - which will not be hard at all.

I also got new French hit/morale markers in --- double sided with 1-10 on one side and 11-20 on the other ... whoot!  It is all coming together.

I'm shifting my focus over to the farms now.  I need to do the interior yards for all three.  I also need to cut the foam for the hills. 

The mats are just roughly assembled so I can get an idea of deployments and any minor modifications I have to do ... the detail layers are not done ... so these are WIP pictures ...

The mats assembled on my deck.


Oooo ... ahhhh.

More work to do on the farms, gates, yards ...

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