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If you are a fan of Studio Tomahawks game Congo, based in Darkest Africa you'll no doubt know that a new campaign supplement is in the works.

Blood and Plunder - French Faction
Next faction up is the French.  This faction has a commander, special character (Francois L'Olonnais), a unit of marins, unit of boucaniers, two units of flibustiers, and two units of milices des caraibes.  I really like how this particular faction came out.  Only one faction left to go - unaligned.

Painted By:  Artmaster Studio

Commander and special character
Francois L'Olonnais


Flibustiers #1

Flibustiers #2


Milices des Caraibes #1

Milices des Caraibes #2

40k: GSC Taurox Primes

Blood and Plunder - English Faction
This week I have blood in my plunder --- wait, no --- I have Blood and Plunder to show you all!  All four factions (English, Spanish, French, and Unaligned) are complete and in my hands.  I'm working through taking pictures of each of the units and commanders and cleaning them up to be posted.

First faction up is the English ... pictures below.

Each faction is 26 miniatures.  For the English, this is a captain, Henry Morgan (special character), a unit of Forlorn Hope (can also be a Buccaneer Storming Party), two units of Freebooters, two units of Militia, and a unit of Sea Dogs.  This constitutes the starter set for the English faction.

Painted By:  Artmaster Studio

English Captain and Henry Morgan

Forlorn Hope
(or Buccaneer Storming Party)

Freebooters #1

Freebooters #2

Militia #1

Militia #2

Sea Dogs

Blood and Plunder - Spanish Faction
The next faction for Blood and Plunder is the Spanish.  This force consists of 26 miniatures total.  One Spanish commander and the special character Manuel Rivero de Pardal.  Two Lanceros units, a Marineros unit, two Milicianos units, and a Milicianos Indios unit round of the forces available.

Pictures below.

Painted By:  Artmaster Studio

Spanish Commander and
Special Character
Manuel Rivero de Pardal

Lanceros #1

Lanceros #2


Milicianos #1

Milicianos #2

Milicianos Indios

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