The Men of Wessex battle Irish Reavers
Rodge is the producer of the fabulous YouTube series SAGA THORSDAY.  Each week, he and a guest break down battle-boards and talk SAGA.  It's a great insight into each faction's combinations, styles of play and ways to maximize your fun.  I'm thrilled to announce Rodge as a co-contributor to this blog.  His first post is a superb AAR for a Anglo-Saxon versus Irish match-up. Take it away, Roge!

Hello warlords! Rodge here from Saga Thorsday.

I recently got in on a little Saga action with a new (and incredibly awesome) group of guys! They actually live in my hometown, so this is an excellent development. Always keep your eyes peeled, people! You never know when you’re going to run into some underground Saga players!

This is Sam!
40k: Objectives
I labeled several of them 1-6 for the objective card missions. I'll probably base the servitor and operation table onto one piece. Not super practical objectives for games, but they look super cool!

40k: Primaris Space Wolves
Primaris marines from the starter. Still working on the assault guys...they're painted but these flight stands...urgh...

40k: Ork Dakkajet
Random Ork flyer

40k: Space Wolves - Dread, Wolf Lord, Long Fangs
Acquired a bunch of second hand heavy weapon marines that I assembled to give me a couple squads of Long Fangs, as well as a Wolf Lord on a Thunderwolf with Wolf Claws (lol...) and another melee dread.

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