Bolt Action & Chain of Command
Fellow blogger Jason Meyers aka Der Feldmarschal is running a sharp looking Bolt Action event this weekend.  This set a fire under me to finish my Rubicon T-34/76. I had trouble with my airbrush splattering on my last highlight.  To cover it up, I had to go over everything a 2nd time and wiped out my panel highlights.  Ah well.

I put my 1000 point Soviet force out on my battle board for pictures. Now I need to read the rules a time or two and I'll be set for the big game day.

Operation Hiatus - Complete
Well heck.  The last few months have been busy.  You may not care ... but if you are curious ... read on ...

I left my previous company back in January and started at a mid-sized startup on February 5th --- and while it is a great company, I really needed to "hunker down" for the first three months to make sure I hit my stride/pace of productivity.

At the same time, my 9 year old son plays competitive (year round) soccer and the Spring season lasts from March to May.  Whamo!

So between work, soccer, helping my son with homework, etc. etc. I just didn't have the time to spend out in my man cave to do wargame stuff.

Now, all this isn't to say nothing has been accomplished in the last couple of months ... so, in no particular order - and with horrible pictures from my phone ... here is some of the stuff that is in progress ...

Blood Red Skies arrived from Warlord Games.  I've been looking forward to this game.  My only issue with it is the flight stand ... it rotates forward and backwards to indicate advantaged/disadvantaged aircraft positions.  It looks stupid on the tabletop IMO.  So, I will be looking to instead use an adjustable peg with three different altitudes to indicate the same.  This is also add more of a visual "third dimension" aspect to the game for me.

Salute 2018 Loot
Only a quick post about Salute. Big Kyle and we had a great time. Apart from the aweful lighting.... my poor eyes!

Since we went with friends (who are new to all this wargame malarkey), I had decided to pre-order most of my loot. This ensured I picked up the things I was really after. We did have a look around, but to be honest we didn't spend as much time as usual gawking at the lovely tables - so no photos I'm afraid. Instead, I decided the best thing was to get down to the lardies and have a good crack at What a Tanker! I nicked this photo off the lardies Facebook page. Something had obviously tickled me...

Don't let Kyle's appearance fool you, we both really enjoyed playing the game and listening to Rich's attempts at wit ;-) It's a simple tank vs tank game. No massive historical complexity, just tanks on the table going at each other. And you know what? Sometimes we all need to play a simple game like that, so definitely a thumbs up from me. Will I play it week in week out? No, but its light and fun and has encouraged me to finally get my years old early German armour painted. More on that another time.

Enough about the lardies, here's the loot.

Escalation Along the Nziari
I've played several Savannah based Congo adventures but it was now time to head into the Jungle! So on Saturday I played Escalation Along the Nziari with Dan, one of my friends from Friday Night Firefight Club.

Two White Men columns face each other on opposite sides of the crocodile infested Nziari River. Looks like there are also a number of hippos in the murky waters.

US Grand Melee
Our TOs Eric and Paul raised the bar again at the US Saga Grand Melee.We've got a core group of 30+ folks who turn out each year.  It's always great to catch up with old friends and make new ones.

Day1 in the doubles, I played Bill Thornhill and his lovely Goth army.  Bill and Ryan were kind enough to share drinks with us over our game. That was a theme throughout the weekend and I never did get thirsty.

In the Singles, my Goths were a wrecking ball. With 5 games under my belt, I managed to finish 2nd only to Andy Lyons and his Picts. In a Saturday night game, I beat Andy's Picts in 2 turns! Coming in 2nd was grand but beating Andy was, how shall I say this...sublime. Over the long weekend, I got in  a personal best of 14 games of Saga including a v2 game.  My brain was quite tired and happy by the time I started my long drive home.

The rest of my post is a bit of a photo dump.  My camera struggled this year so if your warband doesn't show up, apologies!

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