SAGA Iron Man Day
Richard Keenan brought his fantastic painted Dark Age armies and terrain to Canterbury last Sunday (19th March) for a Friday Night Fire Fight Club Iron Man Special!

It was an excellent day, with folks having the opportunity to play with new warbands against opponents old and new. My first game was with Franks. I've never played them before and there was some head scratching to begin with...

Overall a brilliant day. Thank you to all the warlords for helping to dish the pain and huge thanks to Rich and Gripping Beast for making it happen.

So, who's the Canterbury Iron Man? None other than Mr. John Fry of course (aka Ducat). Well done!

40k: Tyranid Mawloc

AAR: Battle at Roncevaux Pass – July 25th, 1813
Headed over to Roy Scaife's house today for a play test of the Battle at Roncevaux Pass.  You can see the scenario details posted here.  Roy did a great job putting this scenario and game together.

I took on the British left flank with a second line consisting of Spanish troops.  Given this is a later war battle Spanish had a good showing.  The British right flank was taken by Dan Kerrick and had a backing second line of Portuguese troops.  John Lantz ran the French left while Matt Hilzendrager took the French right.

I played a slow advance to maintain a solid defensive line while Dan elected to advanced faster to try to pin the advancing French forces into the gap.  As it was the French advanced quickly and managed to expand across the table faster than the British could.

My first line British units did well, but I ended up having to withdraw and bring the Spanish units forward sooner than I had expected.  This actually worked out well in the long run as I was able to rally the British units back to a decent level of fighting ability.

Both sides suffered a lot of casualties.  The British right flank (French left) fought into what was essentially a draw.  I managed to break several French units on the left flank.  All my units had taken about the limit of their casualties so things where very tough and go until the very last turn.  Despite my generally crappy dice rolling, the one thing I could do well was pass morale tests ... I can think of three that I should have outright failed but managed to pull off a miracle.

I took pictures - the first chunk below is from my phone while the second half are from my "real" (SLR) camera.  I pulled out the zoom lens to get some better exposure pictures.

40k: Tyranid Hive Crone and Space Wolves Wulfen
A gigantic flyer for my Tyranids, and a pack of Wulfen for my Space Wolves. Fun fact: both came painted, and I just repainted over top of it...didn't even strip it. The Wulfen were definitely painted "better" beforehand, but I can't stand playing with other people's painted figs...not a pride thing or anything, but it would bug me that they wouldn't match the rest...

40k: Tyranid Carnifexes
A pair of close combat oriented carnifexes.

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